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January 17, 2008


Thomas Robertello

These are three of the best coffees I have ever had --- many thanks for the hard work to get them here! I am enjoying them so much - they are incredibly special. Thank you~


Wow. I simply clicked on a peets coffee ad since I recently quit my gevalia subscription (after 9 years!) and the next thing I know I'm immersed in a wonderful world of learning about Yemen and their coffee and way of life.

Brilliant! Thank You!

Shirin Moayyad - Peet's Coffee Buyer

In response to the previous comment - We are certainly going to try, but it has been a difficult logistical exercise to get such tiny lots through our system and in all likelihood, the next round will be one or another in a more substantial quantity. Having said that, our "regular" Sanani is anything but regular and I would certainly encourage an Arabian lover to buy this coffee, as in my opinion ours is the very best being exported from there.

Charles Perry

I went to Yemen myself about 10 years ago, and this brought it all back -- the stunning scenery, the gorgeous stone architecture, the way every other street in Sanaa seems to be named 8th Street because 8 is a lucky number. The Yemenis really are charming people, and the guys who carry those AK-47s turn out to have a self-deprecating sense of humor. I met a woman there who was writing a thesis on the extravagant architecture of the old coffee halls in Mokha (now mostly fallen down, alas).
I see the village coffees were instantly sold out. Will there be more?

Justus @ Potrero

This blog represents everything I love about Peet's. I'll spread it to all the staff here at Potrero. Thanks for the inspiration.

Katrina Lamson

This was a wonderful and educational account of your journey...thanks. It really helps remind me just how special the process and the care taken is. Love the Yemen coffee and will treasure the stories behind the buy.


Great story about Yemen, the people, the culture and the beverage.



Wonderful account. I'd love visit Yemen, but probably will have to settle for the coffee you brought back.



Shirin jun
thanks for the story and pix about Yemen.
Soma hastenaboshid!


Nice read thanks for sharing, however the video's and extra photo links don't seem to be working.
(editor's note: Links are now working)

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