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March 06, 2008



I have been a Peets fan for 30+ years beginning in Oakland. Now that I am full time resident in SoCal desert, I have asked for the past 6-years for a local Peets - yes I buy the beans in local stores but that is much like getting my Peets fix at SFO... Please, please consider coming to SoCal desert. I buy at the local grocery but I prefer buying at least 3-pounds with each bay area or LA trip just to have my Peets. My first preference remains, hoping and asking for a SoCal opening. Again, I repeat, please consider opening in the SoCal desert.

Mike R

The El Cerrito Peets is by far the best Coffee shop in the bay area. The staff there are Team oriented. and they treat their customers like family. if there is a problem, they all will work together to resolve the problem so that we leave happy. I am a dedicated customer now.

Mike R

not sure if peets or starbucks is better? take the taste test.

buy a small cup of peets and a small cup of starbucks. teast them side by side. peets is by far the best. BUT WAIT!!!! let the cups both cool down. yes, let the coffee get cold.

now take the lids off. and smell the coffee. peets still smells like coffee. but what happened to starbucks? it smells like an old pair of dirty socks? why is this?

They over roast thier beans. peets does not. thus we have a clear winner. and until someone beats out peets. i will be a loyal customer to the el cerrito albany pinole berkeley fruitvale emeryville stores.


Talking with my walking partner just the other morning, as we entered Peet's, Millbrae, I was commenting on how much I appreciate the staff at this location. I'm impressed with how they always welcome me/us, especially the manager. She truly cares about her customers & staff both. The other Peet's I used to go to didn't have that same feel-I don't know if there was a manager around!? I wanted to let someone know what a great job is being done at the Millbrae Peet's!


Just wanted to comment how wonderful the manager and staff are at Peet's in Millbrae. It's a great way to start each day - never had the smiles and friendly service at Starbucks - and Peet's coffee beats Starbucks by leaps and bounds. I'm hooked on the wonderful manager and staff and their incredible coffee. Bye Bye Starbucks.

Bill Hagen

How entering and losing the Love Peet's contest has made me try other coffees, or "Notes From Undergrounds."
My problem is that you valued heart and warmth over arid cleverness. And I thought Berkeley was the home of postmodern!

I wanted to enter a third time, so distraught was I. I desperately wanted to be a three-time loser, a stereotype. Why? Out of spite.

So, worse, I'm such a loser I forgot to enter. Now if I could only induce a toothache, I could enjoy the sound of my own moaning.

This is the downside of such contests. Meanwhile, I'll try to develop more heart.

My wife certainly hopes I will: one week she told me I didn't win because the judges seemed to prefer dorky to witty. I told her that maybe she should submit something. Unfortunately, she understands subtext.

I'll try to develop heart.

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