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May 06, 2008


Larry J. Roback

I just had to write and tell you my 21 month old grandson says " I am a Peetnik". I can't grind the beans of Major Dick , as he calls it, without out him wanting to smell the ground up coffee. He says "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, good, good, some, some" So cute!! I have a 100 year old doughnut shop called Hinckley's in my home town of Jackson, Mi. Every Wednesday my grandson and son show up at the door with Hinckley doughnuts and my grandson saying "Peets, Peets ". I want to tell you , Hinckley doughnuts and Peet's is a marriage made in heaven!!
My son introduce Peet's to me when stationed in Hawaii at the Marine base. They carry it at the commissary there. That was about 4 years ago. I have been a Peetnik since the first cup. I used to fly bags of it back home with me so I had a good supply. Then they transferred to Pt.Mugu California and were able to get Peet's easily.
Now they moved to Jackson Mi. where my daughter- in- law is a Navy Recruiter for the next 3 years. We are able to get Peet's at the commisary at Selfridge Base near Detroit. My son gave me 4 bags of Major Dickason for Christmas and I just opened my last bag this morning. I swear it gets better with each bag!! I started to panic this morning and texted my son that we had to make a Peet's run very soon.
Thanks so much for all the painstaking tasting and testing your coffee. It sure has made my morning and evenings special since I became a Peetnik!
If you ever need someone for a commercial my grandson is really cute, red hair and big blue eyes that light up when he smells and tastes Peet's. After he takes a sip, he says, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Peet's"

Sincerely , Larry J.Roback


Although I'm disappointed my own entry didn't win, I'm both baffled and annoyed by a couple of idiotic comments I see posted here- it seems that people like them have nothing better to do with their lives than add their negative pollution to every and any site they happen upon, regardless of true interest. It is sad when leaving a trail of one's own venom and ignorance is your true "passion."

I love Peet's coffee, and I buy it.

Frank Williams

Peets is my favorite. It's finally on the east coast where I live.

Madeleine Black

Staying over & free loading & bringing Peets coffee as a gift & drinking it - can you say FREE LOADER


The minute I see the word "passion" applied to anything other than sex or Jesus on the cross, my eyes glaze over.

Chris Tozour

Those 'winning entries" really sucked. But what else would we expect from a corporate suck up like Peets.

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