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December 10, 2008



It is my first time to see such wonderful report on Peets.Because No peets' in china :)

dan rieco

Im happy you shared you trip with the world.

angie funtanilla

please try to get PEETS on Twitter and please put a store in ATLANTA!!

Josh Friedman

I see i'm a little late reading this but it's good reading as i hang out at fruitvale peets doing some morning work.

thanks for sharing this interesting story. My partner and I just went to africa for the first time in september and loved everything from the people to the animals to the really nice lodges as well, primarily in Botswana.

I have a great picture of a vendor in Cape Town wearing an Obama button - must have got it from an earlier traveler than you! You can see it posted here if you like.



I love this site and I love coffee. I have been restricted to a acid free diet. Probably a dumb question but before I give up coffee...Does acid free coffee exist. Thought I would ask the experts! Thanks and Happy Travels :-)


This is really great info! We love to see humanitarianism in the coffee industry.



Sounds like grape vines, the stressed vines set less fruit and that in turn results in the vine putting more (flavor/intensity)into the fruit that it does produce.

Sandy Helland

Thanks for writing about this trip. It makes me want to taste something other than your delicious french roast beans. I wish you had a store in Carmichael, California. We have two Starbucks that I never go to.

Loved hearing about the people in Africa and their interest in Obama even though I knew it. It is great to get it from two interesting people who were there recently.

Greg Huntoon

Just reading through this post, I can smell the spices in the air. I lived in Zanzibar a few years back (actually, wow, in 1996...12 years ago). Don't think a day has passed since that I haven't thought about the scents and/or the people.

My brother Schon runs Peet's in Hollwood up on Sunset; it's a family affair.

Safari njema!

Ruth Dundas

Great writing, Shirin! More than just coffee... Love the teenage girls... Watch out Matthiessen and Bryson!

Ruth Dundas

Great writing, Shirin! More than just coffee... Love the teenage girls... Watch out Matthiessen and Bryson!

paul rader

Shirin, i love your reports on the blog. great photos, too!

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