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April 08, 2009


Patricia Price-Edwards

As a barista for your grocery store sites, please please please, do not merge with Starbucks. They will ruin you and all you stand for. I know Alfred Peet would say NO NO NO as loud as he could.
Starbucks has no pride, no eyes, and no caring for what the public deserves in their customer service and their coffe as a whole., even you ta...ught me that they buy any type of bean the find at a discountes rate, including all the over ripe and under ripe non quality beans. Please stay true to yourself.


i've been drinking peets from the vine street shop since i was a student in 1972... i've loved a good cuppa peets for years and years... however...is it me...or has the taste of peets changed??? i've always liked the flavorful smooth taste of the house blend...but...over time it's become a little bitter...a little sharp like starbucks... it's still good...but...i no longer get the so satisfying moment of the first taste... i sure hope peet isn't going the way of all big chains...


Hey Peet's Suits,

What's up with the water fountain removals???


we need a coffee shop in everett, the silverlake shopping center as a lot of spaces for leas.

Ann, Peet's in Willow Glen

ah, i'd love to see the Alfred Peet room! perhaps i'll make a trip out to Berkley for my two-year anniversary as a Peetnik.

(and yes, Jennifer, some absolutely wonderful and rare teas come from China. ^_~)

Jennifer Holsten

Don't some teas come from China?


When will you stop buying items made in china???

YOu used to sell great ceramics and cups made in Japan and I always bought from you now that has ended and I've stop buying anything else but your teas--

With regards and peaceful intention,

paul rader

i really wish I could have been there today. thanks for the report, Erica!

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