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June 22, 2009


Ann Cowing

I hope you will think about making the k-cups for the many Keurig owners- I love your coffee and I am also a stockholder who believes in your business. The Keurig machine makes a perfect cup of coffee.


to Susan in the Boston area: we don't have butter at any of the stores here in the Bay Area in California, either, and in my experience they never have. Peet's is about high quality coffee and tea and the preparation thereof, not about pastries.

Chris Thiessen

I hope Peet's will start producing the K-Cup for the Keurig single coffee machines soon. The Peet's coffee is so great but I love the convenience of the K-Cup.


No butter in the Boston area stores because it's "too expensive"????!!!

Sylvia Cunningham

On behalf of everyone at the Alameda Food Bank, I wish to thank Peet's Coffee and Tea for your generous support throughout the year. By becoming a Spring Challenge Sponsor, and by the example you set of giving back to the community, you helped raise us over $32,000 for the Alameda Food Bank. Beyond that, the coffee and tea that you donate regularly to the Food Bank is truly appreciated by our clients, who otherwise could not afford a good cup of coffee.
Again our thanks.
Sylvia Cunningham,
Fundraising Chair, Alameda Food Bank

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