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December 16, 2009


Terry Zimmer

How interesting that the same day Peets sends out an email announcing price increases, an SEC filing is released detailing incentive/bonus pay for Chief Executive Officers...bonuses that may equal 90% of base salary...based on higher profits and margins...now I know the real reason for the increased coffee prices...more Corporate greed...I thought Peets was better than this...http://investor.peets.com/secfiling.cfm?filingID=1144204-12-289

Laura de la torre

Love your coffee and your tea, I give tons of credit to your employees. They deserve much credit for dealing with all kinds of crazy customers who cannot seem to know what they want or order as if they were in a "customize your drink" coffee shop.

Barbara Goodier

The new soy milk you are using is not as good as the soy used last month. It is too creamy. It leaves my mouth feeling coated in cream. Please switch back too the previous kind.


Became a recurring shipment customer today - because of this story about Eliot and his dedication and service. This is the kind of company I want to support. Though I will likely never meet you - thank you Eliot!


I was directed to this site under pretense of finding a coupon in order to try this coffee but all I get is the home site??????? This makes me think the coupon 'gig' is just that....a scam to get one to look at a site. I want the coupon to try the coffee......


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There are a few locations with the new pastry display and many people approve of the new case. There is only one thing wrong that is disturbing about the display that I have seen happen is people sneezing at the display with all the pastry on top exposed to germs. I think the pastry needs more protection like being fully covered like before. It is better to see when standing in line but I think there is a health risk with employees and customers sneezing and coughing. Food should not be exposed to open air when there is a lot of customer traffic.

Aaron Edwards

Congrats to you Eliot. I learned so much from you in my 10 years at Peet's. Even when I just started you always took the time to answer my questions and encourage me to develop my own palate, and like Alfred Peet always told us "it's not how it's suppose to taste, but what it tastes like to you". Thanks for all your hard dedicated work and for providing us all with the best tea leaves on the planet! Here's hoping for another 25 years of delicious elixirs!

Book Sale 101

Hey, Thank you for your blog. I have liked you on Facebook. One question are is your Products Coffee available internationally? if so Can we use the coupons for discount?

Kell Brigan

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. Peet's has the best tea on the planet, period.


Dear Peet's,

I love your Peppermint late and that's why I look for your shops anywhere I travel.

My problem is that my laptop doesn't seem to share my likes.

At any other coffeeshop (e.g starbucks, coffee bean, Panera bread etc..) I have no problem connecting to the Wifi. But at any Peet's I had been no success. Many baristas, branch managers and other guests tried to help but nothing worked.

My computer will show the network (on the "Connect or Disconnect" window) it will connect to it (the taskbar icon will change into "flashing monitors") but any browser I open will come up blank. No logon screen to put in the passcode from my receipt.

I have a Dell with Windows installed.

Tips anyone ?

My Tip: If you are a Peppermint late lover like me and got the munchies late at night or just feeling at home, here's my recipe:

Drop a Peppermint (or mint) tea bag into a cup-full of coffee add milk and your ready to go.

I carry my own box of Peppermint teabags in my car just incase I break for coffee at a highway gas station.

Heather Burton

Give Eliot a raise! He deserves it. :)


I very much enjoyed reading all about your travels and learned quite a bit about tea and coffee. Great read! Left a link to your site off my site http://www.intimatefashion.org in a recent post I did. Will be back to read more!

John Shupes

Best Coffee Around ! My First Choice above all is this nice place PEET'S. been there many times and every single time I'm so pleased with my experiences.


I would also like to learn more about your coffee roasting process. Do you have any regional roasting operations in the Eastern US?

Shirley Beck

My family is visiting San Francisco this September and I would like to know if Peet's gives tours of the coffee making process? Would be very interesting to see one.

Sally Stiffler

For your marketing promo department: You are missing a great opportunity for Mother's Day (or Father's Day) by not offering more decaf coffees - perhaps paired with other bakery items - or simply as a sampler. Many Moms and Dads have reached the stage where they're drinking decaf almost exclusively. Could mean extra business! Just a suggestion!



Last Summer we had the best Hibiscus Tea and I cannot for the life of me find it. Why is that. It is so frustrating since I am not a tea drinker and love this tea!



Yeah, it would suck to let tea go to waste. I heard a bunch was lost in Boston Harbor.


I have not taste the this brand of tea in the bottle yet because I dont remember seeing it in the stores here in houston texas,and I'm wondering if Eliot has ever taste this tea I have in the company I've
joined called organogold this tea and coffee has a top qaulity herb in them called
ganoderma. I'd really be interested in seeing what he thinks about this coffee and tea. Thanks Eliot

Don Geahry

Too bad tasting/tours of Alameda have been discontinued.

Paula Steffen

Nice tribute. I am an original Peeknik, having sat on the curb to drink my morning coffee at Vine and Walnut, sometimes having to move across the street to the steps of the Quaker Church because of the crowd.

Paula, now age 70.


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